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How to Help with North Texas Tornado Relief

The Volunteer Center of North Texas sent out a news release Tuesday night calling for North Texans who can volunteer to help those whose homes were destroyed or damaged in Tuesday afternoon’s tornadoes and storms. They are assembling a...

Tornado Relief Efforts Under Way

Several relief efforts are under way for the victims of the tornadoes that ripped across North Texas Tuesday afternoon. The Red Cross of North Texas is collecting donations to pay for rent or hotel rooms, food, clothes and other items for families...

How You Can Help Texas Tornado Victims

There are several ways that you can help out people affected by yesterday’s tornados across North Texas. The easiest, and most effective, is to give money to the Red Cross of North Texas. This money helps pay for rent or hotel rooms, new...
Texas Tornado Images, Texas Tornado Pictures

Schneider National Dealt ‘Financial Hit’ by Texas Tornado

About 100 pieces of truck equipment were damaged Tuesday after a tornado hit at a Schneider National Inc. facility in Dallas. The company said Wednesday that recovery efforts started Tuesday night and are “proceeding quickly.” About...
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