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Biggest Environment Satellite Goes Silent

Paris: The European Space Agency said on Thursday it had lost contact with Envisat, the biggest Earth-monitoring satellite in history. Designed to operate for only five years, Envisat was launched in March 2002, carrying 10 instruments to monitor...
environmental warrior

Australia’s Environment Warrior Brown to Quit Politics

Australia’s environment warrior Bob Brown, who built the Australian Greens into a powerful political force, announced on Friday he was quitting politics after 16 years in parliament and more than 30 years as an environmental campaigner. Brown,...
Stardust Recycling

Curtains Lifted on ‘Stardust Recycling’ Mystery

A long-standing mystery about how dying stars spew out the material of future planets has now been solved, scientists have claimed. While stars like our Sun are known to eject much of their mass in their final years, it has remained unclear...

Astronomer Finds Planetary System Larger Than Our Own

An astronomer has found evidence that points to a planetary system larger than our own solar system, around the star named HD 10180. Originally reported in 2010 to be orbited by seven planets, re-analysed data from the HARPS (High Accuracy Radial...
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