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Welcome to What Eats?—The Food Web Website for Kids!

Like every other species on earth, we humans are all part of a food web. Fortunately for us, we occupy the very center of that food web, which means that, while we eat many kinds of vegetables, fruits, and animals, very few other living things view us as something good to eat.

So, what does eat kids? In the Grimm’s fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, a wicked witch eats children—or at least, she tries to. In the end, the brother and sister outsmart the old hag and avoid being eaten.

Aside from wicked, cannibalistic witches—which, of course, don’t exist—the only other creatures that ever make a meal of people, either children or adults, are big sharks and other large apex predators. But, it is important to know that this is very rare—even the largest, strongest animals in the world have much more to fear from humans than we have to fear from them.

For more information on what eats what, and who eats whom in all the food webs of our amazing planet, just type the name of a living thing into one of the two red search boxes on this page—you’ll find one at the top of the page and another one over to the right. Then press Enter or Return—and have fun reading!

Gordon Ramel

Gordon is an ecologist with two degrees from Exeter University. He's also a teacher, a poet and the owner of 1,152 books. Oh - and he wrote this website.
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