Madagascar Ibises, Madagascar Crested Ibis, White-winged Ibises or Crested Wood Ibises

The Madagascar Ibises (Lophotibis cristata), also known as the Madagascar Crested Ibis, White-winged Ibis, or Crested Wood Ibis, is an endangered, medium-sized ibis that occurs only in the woodlands and forests of Madagascar.


The Madagascar  Crested measures about 20 inches or 50 cm in length.

The plumage is mostly brown, except for the white wings and a dense crest of green or gloss blue and white plumes on the nape (back of the neck).

It has a partially bare red head, bare face, yellow bill, and red legs.

Breeding / Nesting

The Madagascar Ibises typically nest in colonies together with other water birds.

The nests are shallow cup-shaped platforms of sticks, grasses, or reeds that are typically situated on trees near a body of water, such as rivers, swamps, or lakes. Although some ibises also make their nest amongst rocks and on cliffs,

The average clutch consists of 3 eggs. The nests are often reused year after year.

Diet / Feeding

Ibises mostly feed in shallow waters on aquatic insects, mollusks, frogs, and food sifted from the water surface.

Their diet also includes insects and spiders caught on land, as well as lizards, skinks, and other small reptiles.

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