• Three Garganey Ducks Swimming In The Water

    Garganey Ducks

    Bill ShapespatulateRegionsalabamaalaskaalbertaaleutiansarizonaarkansasbritish columbiacaliforniacolorado

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  • Tufted Ducks Nesting at the Shoreline

    Tufted Ducks

    Bill ShapespatulateRegionsalaskaalbertaarizonaarkansasbritish columbiacaliforniacoloradoconnecticutdelaware

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  • Baikal Teals Swimming In The Water

    Baikal Teals

    Bill ShapespatulateRegionsalaskabritish columbiacaliforniahawaiioklahomaoregonwashingtonTail Shape

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  • A Pochards in the Water


    Pochards Pochards may refer to: Three species of diving ducks in the genus Aythya: Common Pochard, Aythya ferina Baer’s Pochard,…

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  • Two Pomeranian Geese At The Pond

    Pomeranian Geese

    The Pomeranian Geese originates from North East Germany. It is the only descendent of the European Greylag specifically bred for…

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  • Young Rouen Ducks Walking On The Grass

    Rouen Ducks

    The Rouen duck is a heavyweight breed of domesticated duck raised primarily for decoration or as general purpose ducks, since…

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  • A Radjah Shelducks Swimming In The Water

    Radjah Shelducks

    The Radjah Shelducks or White-headed Shelducks (Tadorna radjah) are species of shelducks. The Radjah Shelduck inhabits the mangrove forests and…

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  • Three Ducks in the Water


    Ducks are mostly aquatic birds, with nearly global distribution, with the exception of Antarctica, although some species have learned to…

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  • Two Falcated Ducks On The Water

    Falcated Ducks

    The Falcated Ducks or Falcated Teal (Anas falcata) is a Gadwall-sized dabbling duck. Distribution / Range The Falcated duck breeds…

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  • A Black Brant Geese On The Ground

    Black Brant or Pacific Brent Goose

    The Black Brant Geese or Pacific Brent Goose, Branta bernicla nigricans, is a sub-species of the Brent Goose. Distribution These…

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