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What Eats Rabbits?

What Eats Rabbits? What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits are a very popular menu item for many predatory animals. Any predatory cat from a bobcat to a cougar or a leopard will gladly eat rabbit when it gets a chance.

Doglike predators such as dingoes and coyotes are fond of rabbits as well.What Eats Rabbits What Do Rabbits Eat

Danger for rabbits also comes from the air in the form of eagles and other raptors, or avian predators.

Serpents of both the poisonous kind and the constricting kind gladly eat rabbits whenever they can.

Life is hard if you’re a rabbit. Rabbits have many babies in hopes that a few of them survive.

As for what rabbits eat: rabbits are browsers. That means that rabbits eat a wide variety of leaves and other vegetation.

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