Ducks, Mallards or Wigeons as Service Animals

Ducks, Mallards or Wigeons as Service Animals

Article about Service Animals – including Emotional Support and Psychiatric Service Animals.


Virginia Moe shared her special experience with her Rouen Duck female called “Candy” whom she raised from a duckling.

Candy became so imprinted on humans that she doesn’t like to be around her own kind. Candy is housed in an eight sided child’s playpen when her human family can’t supervise her indoor activities. Candy wears a diaper harness that eliminates any messes and also allows her to be taken outside safely.

Candy enjoys visiting area schools, nursing homes, libraries, fairs, holiday actives and such places. She can be found either walking or riding in her baby stroller when she is out in public.

She also seems to be able to pick out special people in the crowd – be it an older retired farmer, people afraid of birds or animals in general and lets them pet her while she talks with them.

Because of the comfort, enjoyment and love she spread, her humans refer to her as an “emotional service animal” and she received her certification as such a few months ago … She is currently helping Virginia who is disabled, whom she alerts to any strange sounds day or night.

Furthermore, Candy has come to be a great source of stress relief.

She will fight with her toy raccoon (dog toy that squeaks), play with rattles and a bell. She also chases treats (cat food) across the floor and beg for treats as well. Candy is also a true cuddler who will spend hours with her owner snuggling in front of the tv.

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