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What Eats A Coyote?

What Eats A Coyote And What Do They Eat?

A coyote will eat pretty much anything it can find or catch, including rodents of all types and sizes, amphibians and reptiles, the eggs of ground-nesting avians—and even those avians themselves. A pack of coyotes working together can pull down big game in the form of North America’s most plentiful hoofed animal.

What Eats A Coyote And What Do They Eat?
Coyotes Have Just One Predator To Fear . . . Photo: Dawn Beattie

As for what eats a coyote . . . there aren’t many predators for them to worry about. Coyotes are wary, fast, and vicious when cornered, so most other four-footed hunters steer clear of them.

The coyote’s one effective predator is its largest canine cousin. This larger member of the dog family views coyotes as competition for food and will drive out or kill and eat any that it finds in its territory.

In fact, during the second half of the 20th century, the coyote population in North America’s Yellowstone National Park began a steep decline after a few packs of these powerful coyote killers returned to the park after an absence of many decades.

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