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Fantails are insectivorous birds that are found in southern Asia and Australasia. These small birds measure between 15 to 18 cm in length.


  • Yellow-bellied Fantails , Rhipidura hypoxantha : The Yellow-bellied Fantail is found in southern Asia.
  • Blue Fantail , Rhipidura superciliaris, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Blue-headed Fantails , Rhipidura cyaniceps : The Blue-headed Fantail is a fantail endemic to the Philippines.
  • Rufous-tailed Fantails , Rhipidura phoenicura, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Black-and-cinnamon Fantail , Rhipidura nigrocinnamomea, (Lower risk (lc))
  • White-throated Fantail , Rhipidura albicollis
  • Spot-breasted Fantail , Rhipidura albogularis, (Lower risk (lc))
  • White-bellied Fantail , Rhipidura euryura, (Lower risk (lc))
  • White-browed Fantail , Rhipidura aureola
  • Northern Fantail , Rhipidura rufiventris, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Pied Fantail , Rhipidura javanica, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Spotted Fantail , Rhipidura perlata, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Willie Wagtail , Rhipidura leucophrys
  • Brown-capped Fantail , Rhipidura diluta, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Cinnamon-tailed Fantail , Rhipidura fuscorufa : The Cinnamon-tailed Fantail is a fantail restricted to the Banda Sea Islands of Indonesia.
  • White-winged Fantail , Rhipidura cockerelli, (Lower risk (nt))
  • Friendly Fantail , Rhipidura albolimbata, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Chestnut-bellied Fantail , Rhipidura hyperythra, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Sooty Thicket-Fantail , Rhipidura threnothorax, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Black Thicket-Fantail , Rhipidura maculipectus, (Lower risk (lc))
  • White-bellied Thicket-Fantail , Rhipidura leucothorax, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Black Fantail , Rhipidura atra, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Mangrove Fantail , Rhipidura phasiana, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Brown Fantail , Rhipidura drownei, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Dusky Fantail , Rhipidura tenebrosa, (Lower risk (nt))
  • Rennell Fantail , Rhipidura rennelliana, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Grey Fantail, Rhipidura fuliginosa
  • Streaked Fantail , Rhipidura spilodera, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Kandavu Fantail , Rhipidura personata, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Samoan Fantail , Rhipidura nebulosa, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Dimorphic Fantail , Rhipidura brachyrhyncha, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Rusty-flanked Fantail , Rhipidura teysmanni, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Cinnamon-backed Fantail , Rhipidura superflua, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Streaky-breasted Fantail , Rhipidura dedemi, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Long-tailed Fantail , Rhipidura opistherythra, (Lower risk (nt))
  • Palau Fantail , Rhipidura lepida, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Rufous-backed Fantail , Rhipidura rufidorsa, (Lower risk (lc))
  • Matthias Fantail , Rhipidura matthiae : The Matthias Fantail is endemic to Mussau in the St Matthias Islands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Bismarck Fantail , Rhipidura dahli : The Bismarck Fantail is a fantail. The binomial commemorates the German naturalist Friedrich Dahl.
  • Malaita Fantail , Rhipidura malaitae : The Malaita Fantail is endemic to Malaita in the Solomon Islands.
  • Manus Fantail , Rhipidura semirubra : The Manus Fantail is endemic to the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea.
  • Rufous Fantail , Rhipidura rufifrons
  • Pohnpei Fantail, Rhipidura kubaryi

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