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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Arctic Ocean

Conservation Groups Sue Over Arctic Spill Plans

Alaska - A coalition of conservation groups sued the federal government Tuesday over its approval of oil spill response plans for an Arctic Ocean drilling program. The lawsuit does not seek to block Shell Oil from beginning to drill this summer...

Private Foundations Fund New Astronomy Tool

The W. M. Keck Observatory has been awarded two major grants to help build a $4 million laser system as the next leap forward in a technology which already enables ground-based telescopes to exceed the observational power of telescopes in space....

Hubble Unmasks Ghost Galaxies

Astronomers have puzzled over why some puny, extremely faint dwarf galaxies spotted in our Milky Way Galaxy’s backyard contain so few stars. These ghost-like galaxies are thought to be some of the tiniest, oldest, and most pristine galaxies...
Wildlife Management

State’s Wildlife Management A Sham

When it comes to wildlife management in New Jersey, there is nothing democratic about the process at all. The issue of the composition of the Fish and Game Council, mandated by state statues back in 1940, has been the topic of discussion in...
Wildlife Agency

Wildlife Agency Decries Death of Lions

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Friday decried the loss of lions to both poachers and incidences of human wildlife conflict. KWS Assistant Director Paul Mbugua told journalists in Nairobi that the estimated population of lions in the country...
Health Care Policy

Health Care Policy Libertarians Go For

Is President Barack Obama’s health care law compatible with free-market capitalism? “Obamacare” seeks to achieve universal health coverage by mandating that people not already covered must purchase health insurance - and makes it...

Recycle At Work As Well As At Home

During this year’s Recycle Week which runs from Monday 18 until Sunday 24 June, Banbridge District Council is encouraging residents to concentrate their efforts on recycling at work as well as at home. According to a recent survey, an individual...

Global Warming on Mars

There is enough debate on whether or not global warming is occurring here on Earth, nevermind Mars, but I saw this and thought this was interesting. See this article here from AccuWeather.com about the odds of each of the last 12 months being...
Arctic Algae

Global Warming Helps Arctic Algae Suck CO 2

There’s good news for folks worried that atmospheric CO2 levels in the Arctic have passed 400ppm for the first time: a vast CO2-sucking phytoplankton bloom has been discovered beneath Arctic ice – and it may thank global warming for...
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