11:32 am - Monday May 28, 2012

Computers Recycling

Computer RecyclingComputer recycling is the recycling or reuse of computers. It includes both finding another use for materials (such as donation to charity), and having systems dismantled, in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the constituent materials for reuse in other products.

Types Of Computer Parts

Here are some parts of the computer that can be recycled:

  • Glass monitor
  • Keyboard
  • CD Rom drive
  • Plastic case
  • Cathode ray tube (CRT)
  • Cables
  • Copper in power cord
  • Metal from circuit board
  • Printer cartridges
  • Batteries

Benefits of Computer Parts

Here are some benefits of recycling computers:

  • Reduces landfill space
  • Creates less toxic chemical emissions
  • Allows people to buy used computers at an affordable price
  • Can be used as source of lead for other products
  • Conserves energy use in manufacturing plants
  • Provides useful donations for charity organizations

When you recycled computers you not only create more computers, but you also give other people a chance to use their technology. Many of the refurbishing companies give their used computers to school systems, correctional facilities and charity programs, which allows the less fortunate to learn how to use them to prepare for their future careers.

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