11:32 am - Monday May 28, 2012

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Asia Turns Off Lights for Earth Hour

Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House were plunged into darkness today for the annual Earth Hour campaign, leading a global effort to raise awareness about climate change. In a twist to this year’s Earth Hour, Dutch astronaut...
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Earth Hour Observed Across India

Indians tonight joined millions of people across the globe to observe the Earth Hour by switching off electrical appliances for an hour to pledge support to combat the threat of global warming. Several shopping malls, hotels and major markets...

Obama Promotes His Energy Policie

CUSHING, Okla.—President Barack Obama landed smack in the middle of America’s oil patch Thursday to tout his administration’s energy policies and strike back at Republican criticism that he is obstructing domestic energy production. Speaking...

Obama Seeks Halt to Tax Subsidies for Oil Industry

Expressing concern over the rising gasoline prices and America’s increasing dependence on foreign oil, US President Barack Obama saught an end to the massive subsidies to oil companies and said the nation needs to develop alternative sources...

Energy Firms to Cash in on LNG Import Needs

The absence of new gas finds and declining production from Reliance Industries’ flagship Krishna-Godavari-D6 field is making the business of gas import attractive. In the past year, Petronet LNG and Shell’s Hazira have talked of plans...

Pakistan: Germany Offers Help In Renewable Energy Sector

Representatives of four leading solar energy producing companies of Germany visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) to provide some solutions to Pakistan’s energy sector. The delegation comprising Gerold Holsmolle, Christoph...

UK’s Confirms Green Targets

Britain’s newly-appointed Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey on Monday confirmed the country’s commitment to its green energy targets and its focus on growing the offshore wind power generation capacities. “There...

3 Solar Energy Options for Your Home

Have you ever considered harnessing the power of the sun to save on your energy consumption? Solar technology is constantly improving, and there are many ways solar can be a part of your home. Check out these three options. 1. Build a Simple...
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