How Sportstech’s SX100 Speed Bike changed my life!

Hello, my name is Sarah and I live in Paris. From my childhood, I was a victim of harassment. People around me use to bully me for the way I look. I remember when I was 7, my classmates use to bully me for my extensive weight! I was about 42 KG at that age. My belly fat was my biggest nightmare and I was always worried about that and how can I get rid of this!

Sportstech gutschein

After, my graduation my parents thought that I should get married, but my in-laws were like that I am too fat, I will not make a perfect match for their son. So typical human mind set. My life was getting worse day by day! Luckily I’ve a friend name Jessy who always stood by my side to help me fight with my greatest nightmare! She always support me for the way I look and then one day she told me about Sportstech Gutscheincode and their products.

I asked her about what Sportstech is? And she replied to me by saying that this is an online-store which sells best quality fitness machines which will surely help me to reduce my weight and look completely fit! I was so relieved to know that I can reduce my weight without going to gym and getting bullied for the way I look! We both searched for some tools we need to reduce my weight and come up with a plan to buy Sportstech SX100 Speed bike to reduce my weight.

Sportstech SX100 Speed bike and its benefits:

Sportstech SX100 Speed bike is one of the finest. It is light-weighted and has many benefits. The SX100 is especially quiet and create low-noise, because it use belt drive. You can easily contain this in your home and use it without making loud noises. The ball bearing install in it is one of the highest quality and ensure the smooth and comfortable run. It has the 13 KG flywheel with the welding rods protecting it to offer professional and beginners a balanced, adjustable and step-less training. You can always use this machine for longer training sessions without getting worried about the sweat, because this machine is sweat prove. Also, you’ll not feel any pain while doing long training session on this beast. It has many other benefits which I cannot explain you guys in this post! You must’ve to buy that one to know how amazing this machine can be! Also, you can always use Sportstech Gutscheincode to get €50 discount on your orders.


Well to be very honest, after using this machine and 6-months of intense training now I am 100% fit and my body weight is 45KG. This machine helps me a lot in reducing my weight and gains my confidence back. Now no one bullies me for my look, in-fact the people use to bully me, are now stalking me and trying to be with me. I am very thankful to Sportstech to develop this machine and it surely changed my life!

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