11:32 am - Monday May 28, 2012

Paint/ Oil Recycling

Paint Oil RecyclingPaint/Oil isn’t considered recyclable, but the can that holds paint/oil is, and often household hazardous waste (HHW) facilities will collect usable paint to combine and resell or give away to residents.

Disposing of Paint

Latex Paint : To properly dispose of latex paint, the container needs to be completely emptied. To safely do this, you can purchase paint hardener to solidify the paint, or you can even use kitty litter, mulch or shredded paper from your paper shredder. Once the paint has dried, you can easily scoop the paint out. Dried latex paint can be disposed of in the rubbish. Metal paint cans can be disposed of as well, and recycled if empty. Consider using all of the paint before disposing of it, whether it be by touching up or adding an extra coat of paint to your wall. It’s easier, more practical, safer, and economical…not to mention you’ll be saving space, and yourself the trouble of having to dry the paint!
Oil-Based Paint : For disposal of oil-based paint, you should bring the paint to a local recycling station. You may want to call before visiting, since they all have different policies on what they do with oil based paint. Oil-based paint is either incinerated or recycled by actually using the paint, or repackaging the paint to give back to customers. All labels must be intact for disposal instructions. Read this to see the required techniques of disposal. Ultimately, it is best for the consumer to use the entire can of paint.

Paint/Oil Recycling

  • Waste such as paint, paintbrushes, car oil and oil filters have to be carefully disposed of, as they can be very damaging to the environment.
  • Don’t pour oil or paint down the drain.
  • Donate unwanted paints and varnishes, as others can reuse them.
  • Look for disposal or recycling instructions on the packaging of the product.
  • Civic amenity sites often take engine oil for recycling.
  • Buy products in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging waste.
  • Use eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible.
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